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For shipping single or sometimes even two or three copies of magazines and certain other items, I prefer to use Priority Mail. The strong cardboard Priority Mail envelopes are available free from the Postal Service and provide good protection and quick delivery at a reasonable price. The postage for U.S. destinations is $6.45 up to the capacity of the flat-rate envelope. If we can use a medium flat-rate Priority Mail box, the postage is $13.45 regardless of weight.

For destinations outside the U.S., Priority Mail International is US$23.95 to Canada, US$29.95 to Mexico, and varies to other countries for everything that will fit in the flat-rate envelope up to a maximum of four pounds (about 1¾ kilograms).

A medium flat-rate box is $45.95 to Canada, US$66.95 to Mexico, and varies to all other countries to which Priority Mail International is accepted. The weight limit on a flat-rate box is 20 lbs. unless the destination country sets a different limit.

Please note that if the shipment will not fit in a standard Postal Service flat-rate envelope or box the postage will depend upon the weight and country.

Priority Mail Express (in the U.S.) and Priority Mail Express International (outside the U.S.) provides safer and faster service, but at somewhat higher cost.

In many cases to U.S. destinations, Media Mail is cheapest for books, videos, and certain other items, but also least secure, and slowest; Express Mail is fastest, safest, and most expensive; and Priority Mail is a good compromise of speed, safety, and cost. Please note that if we do not use Priority Mail or Express Mail, we can not use free postal service envelopes or boxes and will probably have to charge for the envelopes or boxes (see Packaging Costs).

If we can not use a flat-rate envelope or box for destinations outside the U.S. postal system, The lowest cost is First Class International and the most expensive is Express Mail International. Rates depend on the weight and country of destination, and some services are not available to some countries.

In addition to the actual postage, we charge a shipping surcharge of 3% of the actual postage and other charges of the carrier for domestic shipments and 4% for international shipments.

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