Sales Tax Details

We are a small business located in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. According to the laws of the State of Washington, we are required to collect a sales tax on items delivered to addresses within the State of Washington. We do NOT collect any taxes on items delivered to addresses outside of the State of Washington. The information that follows applies only to deliveries within Washington State.

The law requires us to charge the tax according to the total amount of the sale, including shipping costs.

The state sales tax is currently 6.5%, but to this are added local sales taxes, which vary according to location. The current combined tax in Seattle is 10.1%, but the rate is lower in most places in Washington. The tax rules require us to charge tax according to the destination location. For eBay listings we show the rate for Seattle, but we charge the actual rate according to destination. Therefore, if you live in Washington we suggest that you wait for an eBay invoice before sending payment. If you purchase through our web site, we will quote you the correct tax according to the address you give us.

Washington State law provides for certain exemptions from the sales tax. If you are exempt, please let us know and give us the appropriate information we need to exempt your purchase. If you are exempt, you will know what information we need.

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