Payment Options

NOTE: This information covers both our web site sales and sales we make on eBay.

The purchaser shall be responsible for costs of mailing, taxes, and customs duties as applicable.

Payment shall be in U.S. Dollars (USD).

For countries other than the United States click here.

U.S. customers can pay by check or money order, payable to Flemco Sales Company, or by credit card through PayPal. We do not have our own means to process credit cards.

Please be sure to include our six-digit reference number with your payment. We use this number for keeping track of orders and paperwork, and a missing reference number can result in considerable delay. You can write the reference number on a check or money order. If paying by PayPal, they have a place for comments or notes, and you can put the reference number in there. If paying for something you bought from us through eBay, please note that we use our reference number, not the eBay item number, for keeping track of orders. If all we get with the payment is the eBay item number, there is a delay until we have time to go through our logs looking for our reference number that matches the eBay item number.

NEVER SEND CASH! A check or money order is traceable and can be replaced. Cash can't be traced and it can't be replaced. If you send cash and it is lost in the mail, you can not prove you sent it and we can not prove we did not receive it. The money is gone and we suspect each, SO PLEASE DON'T SEND CASH!

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