Payment Options for Countries other than The United States

The purchaser shall be responsible for costs of mailing, taxes, and customs duties as applicable. Payment shall be in U.S. Dollars (USD).


WE DO NOT ACCEPT WIRE TRANSFERS because our bank charges us a fee of about US$15.00 for processing the transfer when it is deposited in our account and there is a delay of several days before we receive notification by mail.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH! A check or money order is traceable and can be replaced. Cash can't be traced and it can't be replaced. If you send cash and it is lost in the mail, you can not prove you sent it and we can not prove we did not receive it. The money is gone and we suspect each other. SO PLEASE DON'T SEND CASH!

We now make an exception to the “no cash” rule. You can register the letter containing the cash. This provides a means of tracing, proof of delivery, and insurance in case of loss. However you should be aware of two disadvantages to sending cash by registered mail. First of all, the registration fees may be more than the cost of a money order. Secondly, registered mail requires our signature upon receipt. We are seldom available at the time the mail is delivered, with the result that we must go to the post office in order to pick up the letter. This can result in a delay of a few days, unlike an unregistered letter which is left in our home mailbox.

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