Our Ordering Procedure

We only have one of most items on our web site, but sometimes two or more. There is a problem that if somebody can just send an order with payment whenever they want, then by the time we receive the order the item may be already sold to somebody else, and we have to refund the second person’s payment. In order to avoid this embarassing and time-consuming situation, we have set up the following procedure to make sure the item is actually available and being saved for somebody before we accept their order:

  1. Check our web site for items you want to order. On rare occasions we forget to remove a sold item from the web site, but in almost all cases if it is on the web site, we still have it. If it is not on our web site, we do not have it.
  2. Send an e-mail to us at info@flemcosales.com. Indicate which item(s) you are interested in, including our stock number to avoid delays or errors. The stock number is just ahead of the name of the item on our web site. Please include your name and mailing address (we send orders by mail). At this point we consider your request for information to be an inquiry and the item is still up for sale to others.
  3. We will reply, letting you know whether or not the item is still available. If it is, we will confirm the price of the item and the shipping and handling charge and any other charges that may apply. We will also assign a reference number to your order. This will be near the beginning of the “Subject:” header and also in the first line of the body of the e-mail. This six-digit number is our way of keeping track of an inquiry and order. Our reply will also contain the information of what forms of payment are acceptable from your country and some other details.
  4. Please do not send payment until you get a reply from us stating that the item is available and what charges apply, because at this point in the process the item is not being held for you yet and may be sold by the time your payment reaches us. Instead, if the total cost is acceptable to you and you still want to order, send us an e-mail stating that you wish to go ahead and order. Please be sure to include our reference number so there will be no unnecessary delay. Since the reference number is included in the “Subject:” header of our reply, if you use the reply button or command of your e-mail program, the subject header (with our reference number) should automatically be included in your reply to us (otherwise, please type the reference number in the first line of your reply).
  5. When we receive confirmation from you that you want to order, we will first verify that the items are still actually available. If the items are still available (they usually are), send a reply to you accepting your order. Our reply will include detailed information about sending payment. We will also withdraw the items from sale and hold them for you for a minimum time pending receipt of payment. During this time we will not sell them to anybody else. The hold period is as follows:
          For shipment to the U.S.A., 14 days
          For shipment to Canada, 21 days
          For shipment to other countries, 28 days
    The hold time is longer for other countries to allow more time for payment to arrive if sent by mail.
  6. Upon receipt of your payment, we will ship the items to you.
  7. If payment is not received by the time that the hold period expires, we will presume that you changed your mind and decided not to buy the item. It then will be made available for purchase by others. If your payment arrives after the hold period expires, but the items are still available, they will still be sent to you, otherwise we will send you a refund.

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